Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My recent rabbithole

Let's see . . . there's the continuing health stuff, which is tedious to discuss, so I won't.

On Friday, there was the "standing out in the cold for hours waiting for Stephenie Meyer to sign books" event, which was tiring, really, especially in light of the health stuff, followed by lunch with Maggie. And I baked hamentaschen, which are triangular filled cookies, since Purim (holiday celebrating the story of Esther) started on Saturday evening, and hamentaschen go with Purim. And then I spent hours being desperately ill, probably from a bad clam in the chowder I'd had at lunch after the Meyer thing. I was very fortunate that my wonderful boyfriend was here to half carry me and tuck me into bed.

On Saturday, I spent the day with my sweetheart and various of his relatives. For lunch, we were with his cousins, who are wonderful. For dinner, with the grandkids, whom I adore. I was, however, out of the box for the entire day, and still recovering from the blergh of the night before, and then too tired to do anything else once I got home Saturday night, after leaving my beloved and the kids to have their sleepover at his house.

On Sunday, there were errands with my sweetheart and, I believe, a nap. And then I sent my honey home, made a bangin' mac & cheese, and Maggie and I watched the Academy Awards coverage until the broadcast ended. (She really wanted it to be just us girls, I think, and he really didn't care to watch anyhow.)

Monday involved more health stuff and, frankly, I don't recall what else, although I did make dinner. Tuesday I managed to finish my income taxes and S's income taxes and file them, then complete her FAFSA, so I am now all done with financial-ish stuff for a while. To celebrate, I sent poetry submissions to three different journals.

Which brings us to today, and my earlier Emma post. (I also voted for AT THE BOARDWALK in my SCBWI region's Crystal Kite awards thing, since tomorrow is the end of voting, and I figured, "why not?") I hope to stay on track with Emma catch-up posts so that we can get moving forward again soon. But I have figured out that even if I don't manage to post every day, it's not a reason to stop entirely, so that is good. Right? Right.

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