Friday, February 10, 2012

Poetry Updates

Let's see . . .

As I mentioned before, my poem, "A Place to Share", is going to be in the forthcoming anthology from Kane Miller, Dare to Dream . . . Change the World. It's paired with a poem by my friend Laura Purdie Salas, and keeping company with poems by lots of other children's poets whom I admire, including Bruce Coville. You can see the artwork that will accompany Bruce's poem at Jill Corcoran's blog. (In addition to being one of my fellow poets in the anthology, Jill is its editor as well.)

My poem, "Not iron, nor the Difference Engine", is going to be included in The Omnibus of Doctor Bill Shakes and the Magnificient Ionic Pentatetrameter: A Steampunk Shakespeare Anthology. I am terrifically excited, since the book is going to be available both as an e-book and as a limited run print edition.

I am one of the poets whose work will be used by the site, Say it At Your Wedding. It's not quite live yet, but my, what lovely company I'll be keeping!

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