Friday, January 06, 2012

The Second Paragraph

In April of last year, I started learning tai chi. On Mondays, I went to a 12-week class where I learned something called the 10 form (sometimes called the 8 form) - basically a competition form, consisting of a series of moves performed symetrically on both sides. For the same 12 weeks, I also attended a second tai chi class, where I started to learn the Yang form of tai chi. I was hooked long before my 12 weeks were up, and joined the gym so I could continue studying tai chi - usually going to 3-4 classes per week.

The Yang long form is separated into three sections, each of which is called a paragraph. I am one move away from completing the form through the end of the Second Paragraph - it's a right heel kick that I need to learn, since I know all the moves before it and the three or so (depending on how you count them) moves after it.

Can't wait for tonight's class.

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