Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Theme songs

Did you watch Ally McBeal? Because I sure did. Heck, I even bought the Christmas album, and I can assure you that Robert Downey Jr.'s recording of "River" is heartwrenching and swoon-inducing. (Yes. Both. Really.)

But there was this one season where Ally went to see a shrink (played by Tracey Ullman), and that shrink advised Ally to get herself a theme song. No, really:

Ally ended up singing a somewhat slowed-down version of "I Know Something About Love", if memory serves. I tried to pick a theme song back then, but it didn't ever really work out for me.

This year, however, theme songs keep finding me. Earlier this year it was the Linkin Park song "Waiting for the End", but for the past month, it's shifted to a different Linkin Park song, "Iridescent" (which is about to blow up big, since it's featured in the new Transformers movie).

For the past few days, though, I've found that this version of Avril LaVigne's song, "What the Hell", is on heavy brainradio rotation (and I also purchased this track at iTunes) - but it doesn't qualify as a theme-song. (Yet?) Still, I sure hope you'll watch Michael Henry & Justin Robinett's video for the awesome four-hand piano playing (with flair!) and the tight harmonies. Oh - and for the crazy terrier in the background:

What about you? Do you have a personal theme song?

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