Friday, June 24, 2011

Day Three: The Silence Continues

Well, not so much silence as raspy whispering, but if I do that too much, I end up with a sore throat.

How on earth do people take a vow of silence? Do they simply not interact with others? Wave Wile E. Coyote signs about? Because I'm telling you, trying to go about your business without speaking is hard.

Then again, it's made for some interesting moments for me. Like yesterday, during yoga, when the woman next to me had no idea I had laryngitis and I told her it was National Whispering Day. Or today, when I ordered some hot water at Barnes & Noble so I could add lemon and honey to it, and the woman who worked there whispered back at me without giving it a thought.

I continue to hope for better days ahead. Meanwhile, perhaps I'll see whether Acme Manufacturing has a bunch of signs I could use . . .

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