Sunday, May 08, 2011

What a night/day!

Yesterday was a flurry of activity as I ran a variety of errands relating to S's upcoming prom (a fitting), M's then-upcoming evening (a sweet 16 party for a friend of hers, which required a few purchases), and shopping for my trip to New Hampshire, whence I am now writing this blog post.

At 6:45, I met my Intrepid Friend Lisa at the local train station (with S and her friend Ari in tow) to make our way into Philly for last night's concert by The Airborne Toxic Event. Dudes, the concert was AWESOME! The energy in the room was fabulous, the band was amazing, and there were fabulous bits of theatre involved - as when Mikel (the lead singer) climbed onto a tall speaker and then onto the outside edge of the balcony - while singing - and then hung out (dangerously) up there for a bit. I suspect it was to detract attention from the issues they were having on stage with his guitar and his microphone stand, all of which seemed to get fixed while we kept an eye on the edge of the balcony.

Another fine piece of theatre, which was really, truly hilarious to the four of us? At one point (I think the start of the encore, which ran almost 30 minutes), Mikel walked on stage and shook his water bottle onto the crowd closest to the stage. (We were in the far back of the space, immediately in front of the sound board, so we weren't in danger of getting wet. Or were we?) Mikel then picked up an unopened bottle, ripped the cap off, then lobbed it to the back of the room like a grenade, where it hit Ari and S, soaking half of Ari's head, spraying S, and causing S to shriek like Janet Leigh in Psycho (almost). Heh.

One of the coolest musical bits in the concert probably came during the encore, when the band launched into Missy, one of the songs off the first CD, then morphed into I'm On Fire by Bruce Springsteen (did the whole song) then segued into Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash (again, the whole song - and S and Ari sang along with every word - LOUDLY; the youngsters these days all love Johnny Cash, yo), finally bridging back into Missy, but adding a bass solo and a drum solo before the piece was over. Spectacular!

After the concert, Mikel stepped down to meet and greet folks in front of the stage. Eventually, I scored a lovely photo of him with S and Ari, and they scored an apology for the water bottle incident and a new fangirlsh appreciation for the band.

I rolled into my house at about 12:10, and still had to pack. I rolled into bed just after 2, and back out before 6 a.m. This morning, I picked up Angela De Groot () just after 6:30 a.m. and we flew drove up to Waterville Valley for our now-annual retreat, stopping along the way for Egg McMuffins in CT, lunch at the Tilton Diner and grocery shopping in Tilton, and our arrival in Waterville, where Jennifer Hubbard () eventually met us. HELLO FROM WATERVILLE!

And now, it's nearly movie time. See you on the flip side, when maybe I will tell you about the hilarity and hotness that is THOR (which was my Friday evening outing).

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