Sunday, May 15, 2011

An observation

I love going away on retreat and to the NESCBWI Conference.

I usually love coming home just as much.

My joy on returning home was diminished on discovering an hour and a half's worth of cleaning to be done just to get the kitchen, master bedroom and master bath to an acceptable level of cleanliness/tidiness, however. Especially when they were in decent shape when I left. *heavy sigh*

I believe that everything will look much better after a good night's sleep. Followed by some more thorough cleaning, although I have a handful of items on the calendar. Like a doctor appointment for M, and tai chi for me. And something in the evening. Oh, right. I'm the featured reader at Poetry in the Round at the B&N in Marlton, NJ tomorrow evening!

Tomorrow will also include Chapter 12 of Emma as well as a big ol' NESCBWI-related post and a final retreat update.

I now bid you a good night!

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