Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Know what's cool?

Besides bands that make excellent music, that is? It's bands that go above and beyond to express themselves through their music and to connect with their audience.

I'm a huge fan of The Airborne Toxic Event (concert tix for May 4th, yo!), and their new album All at Once comes out later this month (already preordered, of course). I've heard some of the songs in concert and from their live album, All I Ever Wanted, but in advance of the album release, they've been releasing a single-take acoustic performance video at the rate of one/week. They call it their "Bombastic" video series, and you can see all of them on YouTube.

The one released today, for the first single off the album, "Changing", includes not only the band, but also the Striker All-Stars, a group of (amazingly hott) dancers who combine dance with stomping. The SAS is also in the official video for "Changing". And the band's second official video, for "Numb", debuted last week.

But the Bombastic video I've watched most, just for the song and the performance, has to be "All for a Woman". (For those of you who are already fans, that's bassist Noah on guitar, and Stephen on the upright bass):

I'm sure I'll love the album version, too, but damn, do I love this version and wish it were available for audio download. (Y'know - legally.)

*Edited to add: The "deluxe version" of The Airborne Toxic Event pre-order at iTunes comes with all the Bombastic videos plus some unreleased tracks and both official videos shot to date. So now I've preordered the album there as well, for all that bonus content. Those of you who haven't preordered but might be interested will probably be happy to learn from my mistake.*

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