Sunday, March 06, 2011

Writing a kissing scene, part 2

Remember my post about writing a kissing scene from the other day? (In which I undoubtedly revealed new depths of nerdiness?) Well, I thought of something else to say on the subject, and on why it is that I think that typing up a Word document composed of kissing scenes that I especially loved from YA novels was actually a good idea, besides isolating the scenes so I could analyze them in the manner I set forth in that earlier post:

It's because it helped me to feel like I'd already typed a kissing scene (five of them, in fact), thereby lessening my embarrassment about typing such a thing in the first place.

I am differentiating between writing and typing here, since other people wrote the kissing scenes that I typed up. But part of the writing process is (for this novel, anyhow) typing it into the computer, and the fact that I'd already typed up five kissing scenes with a variety of descriptions including first kisses, open-mouthed kisses and use of tongues made me feel as if I had experience in describing kissing, even if it was using the words of Stephanie Perkins, Carrie Jones, Sarah MacLean, Maureen Johnson or Antony John and not using my own words.

Paired with the analysis part that I already wrote about, it made the whole scene much easier to write. And as it turns out, a wonderful friend of mine has been reading what I've written thus far, and she proclaimed my kissing scene to be one of the best YA kissing scenes she's read in ages, so I am a happy girl today.

A happy girl who just added over 1,000 words to her MS, in fact.

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