Monday, March 28, 2011

On this week's to-do list

1. Remind folks that the Kidlit 4 Japan auctions are ongoing. Thus far, over $2,000 has been raised for UNICEF. Quite a few items over there are at ridiculously low bids, however, so I hope that some of you looking for things like signed books, critiques, Skype visits for school or library groups, etc., will, y'know, go shopping.

2. Pick a second poem to read at the journal launch for Up and Under. My poem, "San Francisco, Any Night", is in the journal, so I'll be reading that plus one more at The Daily Grind in Mount Holly this Friday evening. (The reading starts at 7, with readings by contributors to the journal and by the members of the group that publishes the journal, the Quick & Dirty Poets.)

3. Visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art on Wednesday (with Jo Knowles and her son, who are in town this week to keep Jo's husband company while he's at a conference). Hooray for my second museum/park/zoo sort of cultural outing this month! (It makes up for the absence of a cultural outing in this category in February). M and I visited the Leonardo da Vinci's workroom exhibit at the Franklin Institute earlier this month, where they have models (some scale, some life-sized) of various inventions found in da Vinci's notebooks. It was quite interesting, although not exactly what I'd expected.

4. Writing, of course. I'm finishing revisions on a new poem, plus working on my YA romance.

5. Finish and file income taxes. They should be in tomorrow's mail, so that is a good feeling.

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