Thursday, March 17, 2011

An interesting sort of research trip

Tomorrow evening, I'm undertaking Serious Research.

No. Really.

I get that it looks like I'm going to a concert. Specifically, I'm going to see local band Out of the Beardspace at their gig in Haddonfield, New Jersey tomorrow evening.

Those of you familiar with my monthly goals this year might assume it's a cultural event - like attending Swan Lake or Beastly - but truly, it's research for my work in progress - a contemporary YA romance based on a Jane Austen novel. There's a rock band in the book, see, and I need additional research.

But first, some more Serious Writing.

Of course, it occurs to me that I have to keep moving ahead with the text. I just moved to a new chapter earlier this week. And I have write another song for my WIP, too - it's almost to the point in the book where the song will debut, so I'd better pull my guitar out and get going.

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