Friday, March 11, 2011

Color me confused

I spied this book on the New Releases table at my local B&N this morning, and was much taken by the cover, so I picked it up to see what it was about. (I thought it had been misplaced on the MG table, since it looked like a YA cover to me.)

And it sounds like an intriguing mystery with a dash of first romantic stirrings, involving an 11-year old girl named Felicity.

And I read the first two chapters in the store, as I am wont to do when making decisions.

But it's set during World War II. Correct me if I'm wrong, but little girls - especially little British girls - did not wear jeans then, nor did these sorts of sneakers exist AT ALL for anyone, let alone in these colors. Edited to add: It appears that the Jack Purcell model of Converse sneakers, which is what these appear to be, may have existed at that time. Colors were not introduced until the 1960s, and even then, I'm not sure about these colors.

To sum up:

Love the cover
Love the premise
Like the chapters I read

But the cynical part of me (and it's a relatively large percentage, by the way) cannot help but think that a modern cover has been wrapped around a historical novel in an attempt to disguise the fact that this book is actually historical fiction. And part of me resents that this cover was so very successful in catching my attention, given that it's false advertising.

Still, I'll probably buy it - if not now, then soon - because I very much want to read it.

Further edited to add: Roger Sutton flagged this issue over at his blog, Read Roger, and Betsy Bird called this book out in a round-up post about historicals dressed in modern-looking covers over at Fuse #8.

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