Saturday, February 19, 2011

Six Things on a Saturday

In light of yesterday's sorrow, I'm looking things over and finding five good things to list.

1. On the bright side, I did have 14-1/2 years of wonderful companionship with Mojo. What a love she was.

2. On Wednesday, I went to the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn with my Intrepid Friend Lisa, where we ate a scrumptious (and inexpensive) dinner at a rather gorgeous, trendy-ish Thai restaurant called SEA. And then we saw Fitz & the Tantrums in concert, and they were splendid, and we sang along and bopped about and crouched down with the entire audience (and I do mean the entire audience) at one point because Fitz insisted they wouldn't finish without full participation, and I'll be damned if hundreds of people didn't get lowlowlow to the ground.

3. I finished reading the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series by Louise Rennison, and I am in luuurve with them and with her and generally grateful to have spend too many hours laughing.

4. I am off to see Plain White T's in concert tonight. And guess what? Parachute is opening for them, and all of that makes me happyhappyhappy. Also, I've got something like seven Plain White T's songs on my playlist for my Austen-related contemporary YA romance, and I adore their latest CD, Wonders of the Younger, and I am positively gleeful about seeing them. (Even though I had to nearly bludgeon M into accompanying me - what is wrong with that child, I ask you?) This means I've met one of my monthly goals and then some - it's to go to at least one cultural event of the ballet/concert/show/movie variety (something in a theatre or theatre-like place, basically). And now I'm at TWO for this month. With a possibility of making it three next week, but that's still up in the air.

5. I've been reading 's latest manuscript and I am positively gleeful about it. You all are in for a treat one of these days. And I will be gloating like a gloating gloater about knowing her when. Meanwhile, Angela and I are the proud owners of tickets to see Swan Lake early next month in Philadelphia. Which is most awesome, and will allow me to check off my cultural activity for March. *prances about*

6. Pride and Prejudice is nearly done. I am strongly considering doing Emma later this spring. Any interest, people of the internet? Would starting in May work for y'all?

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