Monday, February 07, 2011

Pride & Prejudice, Volume II, chapter 15 (ch 38)


Elizabeth finds herself stuck in private conversation with Mr Collins, who waxes as eloquent about her own "condescension" in coming to see them as he does about Lady Catherine's in having them to dinner. He seems perfectly happy in his marriage, and convinced that Lizzy might be regretting having turned him down, now that she's seen Hunsford and met Lady Catherine. (As if! And yes, I realize we all stopped saying that in roughly 1990, but I am old and it seemed appropriate.)

To London, to London

But not to visit the queen. Four hours finds them in London, where they visit with the Gardiners for a few days. Elizabeth is extremely glad to be with Jane again, but does not yet tell her about Mr Darcy's proposal or anything in the letter, because she's still trying to sort out what (and how much) to relate.

Talk about your short chapters.

Oh - but I'd like to point out that Mr Collins, while a pompous buffoon, was not at all unkind to Elizabeth, although goodness knows he had some reason to be, what with her flat-out rejection of his suit. I'd also like to point out that while he didn't exactly invite her to pay another visit, it wasn't foreclosed; moreover, Lady Catherine had invited Lizzy to come back next year . . . to Hunsford. I should've mentioned it in yesterday's post, but forgot. Oh, Lady C, how you make me laugh!

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