Friday, February 11, 2011

Guess who's the featured poet at Chantarelle's Notebook?

I am currently the featured poet over at Chantarelle's Notebook, a marvelous online poetry. If you click through to the Featured Poet page, you'll find a short bio and five of my poems:

"Troubled Water", which first appeared in Breaking Waves: An Anthology for Gulf Coast Relief, an e-book that you can still purchase. All proceeds benefit the lands and people affected by the BP oil spill last year - efforts are ongoing. (You can also purchase a version for Kindle from Amazon.

"Socratic Method", a poem inspired by a fallen hemlock tree during one of my writing retreats in New Hampshire. The poem was first printed in Up & Under, the annual journal published by The Quick & Dirty Poets, a Burlington County, NJ group.

"Inside the New Mall," the poem that took third place in the Writer's Digest poetry competition last year.

"Apple Moon", from a collection of moon-related poems I wrote.

"On the Willows", a short poem written in response to a weekly writing exercise. It uses Anglo-Saxon meter, and is based on Psalm 137:2-4.

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