Sunday, January 23, 2011


Today, a few quotes for you. The first one comes from the inaugural episode of the PBS series, The Artist Toolbox, in which host John Jacobsen interviewed (smokin' hot in all ways) violinist David Garrett:

John Jacobsen: "I think that's essential to learning - it's to challenge everything."

David Garrett: "Never sit on what you've achieved, but every time you start looking at a score, start again. Start from scratch. If you don't, then you just stand still. That's not improvement, and the music becomes not any more the driving force."
The next quote comes from Lynda Barry, from an interview she did with The Paris Review about her new book, Picture This:

In terms of evolution, it’s the immune system that allows the body to fight off a bacterial infection. I believe that the arts are like an external immune system. I believe that they have a biological function.
This third one comes from Virginia Euwer Wolff. I found it as part of Brenda Bowen's blog post about literary awards ceremonies, and copied it into my commonplace book - so I'm copying it here as well. You can read more of Wolff's remarks (for additional context) in Brenda's post:

Faulkner said in 1949 in the Nobel speech that if we are not writing about these six things we are not doing our job. They are love, honor, pity, pride, compassion and sacrifice. I think of them as Faulkner's six.

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