Thursday, December 02, 2010

Sense & Sensibility, Volume III, chapter 9 (ch 45)

This chapter is so upsetting to me on several levels that distraught Captain Wentworth from Persuasion turned up to angst along with me. On top of that, I'm getting a nasty cold and have a painfully sore throat just now, so I'm extra cranky.

I feel a list coming on:

1. Elinor is feeling sorry for Willoughby. Really? I mean, really-really? Because I don't understand that. I get that she can no longer think he was completely playing her sister all along, because he did, in fact, fall in love with Marianne and want to marry her, but he was SUCH A JACKASS in his behavior to them, and in coming to see Elinor and force his confidences on her, that I am, if anything, MORE pissed at him than I was before, not less.

2. Mrs Dashwood is delusional. She's all "I never really trusted that Willoughby, as you know, Elinor" and Elinor doesn't even call her on it. And now Mrs Dashwood is all "Colonel Brandon is destined to be Marianne's husband because he told me he likes her, so there," as if Marianne has no say in the matter, or as if wishing made it so. I mean, I know she's had her head up her ass for much of the novel, but I kind of hoped that she'd screw her head on straight eventually. And even if she were to prove correct and Marianne did choose Brandon, it shouldn't be only because he likes her and her mother approves. At least, not if we are to believe anything these characters have said or done all along.

3. Poor Elinor! As if Lucy's invitation for Elinor to visit Lucy and Edward at Delaford or Mrs Jenning's notion that Elinor should marry Brandon weren't enough, now her own mother is talking about how, when (not if - bah!) Marianne marries Brandon, maybe they'll all move to a house in Delaford. You know, so they can all see Marianne all the time and go to the church where Edward is going to be vicar. Again, I know that Elinor put a happy face on things and didn't piss and moan to her mother, but it's painfully clear that her mother doesn't know her AT ALL. GRRRRRRR.

4. And another thing. Elinor has promised Willoughby that she'll tell Marianne what he said. So Elinor (and we) have that to look forward to. Not.

To quote Lucy (not Steele, but the one from Peanuts): AAAAAAAAAAUUUUGH!

On the plus side, Marianne's feeling a bit better. And Colonel Brandon continues to be a complete peach.

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