Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Sense & Sensibility, Volume III, chapter 11 (ch 47)

or a rather lengthy chapter, little actually occurs. Elinor tells Mrs Dashwood about Willoughby's visit and Marianne speaks openly about Willoughby to Elinor and Mrs D, saying that, things being as they are, she wouldn't want him back. His behavior toward Eliza Williams was so bad that she wouldn't have been able to trust him again. And Elinor reasons that Willoughby was entirely motivated by selfishness all along, which Marianne accepts to be true. (FINALLY!)

And then Thomas, the manservant, turns up at dinnertime and tells them that Lucy Steele is now Mrs Ferrars and Elinor goes pale and Marianne goes hysterical and Mrs Dashwood realizes that she has allowed Elinor to hoodwink her about her feelings for Elinor and that poor Elinor is, indeed, POOR ELINOR!

Dun dun DUHNNNN . . .

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