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Saw this quote over at 7-Imp. Jules posted this quote from a 1939 letter from E.B. White:

I started to write a book for children about two years ago, and have it about half done...I really only go at it when I am laid up in bed, sick...My fears about writing for children are great---one can so easily slip into a cheap sort of whimsy or cuteness. I don't trust myself in this treacherous field unless I am running a degree of fever.
The other night, Sting was Jon Stewart's guest on The Daily Show. At first, I was only going to share this quote that I wrote down during the interview: "Every day, every week, I try something and it fails." But then I decided to re-watch the clip online (to be sure I'd gotten it right) and instead I'm going to share the question and answer that this quote is part of. And, of course, embed the clip if'n you want to watch the whole interview, in which he talks about performing in Berlin with the Royal Philharmonic, and (I kid you not) makes a Spinal Tap reference:

Stewart: What I like about what you do, too, is you experiment with different sounds and things like that. Was there ever something you tried that you thought "eh? that was discordant, that didn't --"

Sting: Every day, every week I try something and it fails, but one success out of ten attempts is good.

Stewart: Right. But you still feel that drive to create. You don't --"

Sting: I'm driven by curiosity. I'm curious about music. I'm curious about what happens next. I don't want to do the same thing every time, day in, year in, year out. I want to do something different.

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Now that I've gone over to musicians for quotes and inspiration, here's one I especially liked from Jacqueline Rosokoff's interview with Yestyn Griffiths, singer/songwriter (for Glass Pear, whose song "My Ghost" is a favorite of mine - I was actually looking for a guitar part when I came across this - didn't find the guitar tabs, but this was a good interview).

What or whom do you go to for musical inspiration?

Animals. Especially cats. They really know how to relax and meditate - my cat Charlie would sleep in my bed for thirteen hour stretches underneath the duvet without moving. He taught me that vibrant creativity comes from deep relaxation and contemplativeness. So before I start writing music I always do a session of meditation and purring.
Here's hoping you all have a session of meditation and purring before you do your creative work this week. And I hope you'll come back tomorrow for my interview with the fantabulous L.K. Madigan as part of the Winter Blog Blast Tour.

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