Tuesday, December 07, 2010

A quick status update on writerly things

1. I got to see preliminary sketches for my first-ever picture book, AT THE BOARDWALK, yesterday and I am SOSOSOSO happy with them! I can hardly find words to convey exactly how brilliant Mónica Armiño's illustration ideas are. I am a Very Lucky Girl to have her as my illustrator. And I confess to having become a bit verklempt over the final page turn. So. Gorgeous. *happy sigh*

2. I have an idea for a new poetry collection, and I'm hoping I can keep it for YA readers. But it has to get in line - I still have to finish the draft of my WIP (a YA novel), then I've got to revised the Gnomes, and somewhere along the line I need to revise the Shakespeare poems as well, plus finish drafting the supplemental material that goes with them.

3. Speaking of my WIP - I am still loving Scrivener (still working with the Beta version - a new Beta version comes available on December 12th). I am also loving having two experts in teen behavior around to ask important questions about phrasing, clothing, etc. It's great being able to ask things like "what word is a teen guy more likely to use if he's reassuring a girl that he likes how she looks?", for instance. (S's answer: "good" or "cute". I went with the latter, with a bit of additional commentary nearby - it is a book, after all, and book characters are allowed to be a bit more articulate than real-life people, yes?) I'm nearing the end of Chapter 8 and about to pass the 20k mark - this is officially the longest thing I've ever written, and it's still got 2/3 of the way to go. Wild.

Have you been writing? Wanna tell me about it? *props chin on elbows and bats eyelashes at you*

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