Friday, December 24, 2010

Pride & Prejudice reminder

Those of you seeing this on Live Journal are probably wondering what Mr. Knightley is doing here since this post is about Pride and Prejudice. Well, as you can see from his disgruntled expression, he "is clearly not reading Jane Austen."

Although we recently finished a reading of Sense & Sensibility, I have succumbed to pressure (gentle pressure, but still) to re-read and blog about Pride & Prejudice.

You are officially invited to join me on January 1, 2011, for a chapter-by-chapter reading of Pride & Prejudice. It does not matter what edition of the book you use, although I heartily suggest not buying an edition that includes zombies, as we will not be reading that particular adaptation, and I don't really like The Annotated Pride & Prejudice done by David Shapard because I found multiple inaccuracies or errors in his notes.

Should you find yourself needing a copy, may I recommend the lovely Penguin paperback pictured to the left? (It's the edition I gave to M for Christmas last year.) Or pretty much any other copy - they can be had for less than $10 or £5, or for free from a library or online at Molland's Circulating Library.

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