Monday, December 27, 2010

Pretty Pictures

Know what's cool about being an official picture book author? I mean, besides being paid for something I wrote and knowing that I'm going to have a realio, trulio book out in the world in 2012?

Getting to see in-process sketches.

I cannot show them to you. And I cannot actually describe them to you either - in part because I'm pretty sure I shouldn't, and in part because it would be really, really hard to describe the many things going on in each of the two-page spreads in my beautiful book.

But if you are one of those people who has written one (or more) picture books but hasn't yet sold them, then you should know that seeing the words come to life in actual artwork feels almost like a miracle and definitely like a gift.

And you should probably also know that the majority of folks I know who have written picture books haven't seen all the sketches that I have. (Some of them only see the final artwork once it's all the way done.)

I've been lucky enough to see rough sketches and now the far more finished sketches prior to the wonderful illustrator, Mónica Armiño, starting work on the final art, and I know plenty of authors who were not in the loop for this portion of the creative process. So in addition to feeling like a gift, I'm pretty certain that it is an actual gift, and I believe it's one of the things to love about dealing with tiger tales books, a wonderful, independent publisher.

Just wait until you see it!

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