Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My big fat New Year's superstition

This is not a long-held superstition, nor is it one passed down by generations of family members (unlike the "shoes on a table is bad luck" thing, which is TOTALLY the result of generations of my mother's family). It's one that I developed myself over the past half dozen years or so, and it is a simple concept:

I believe that what you do on January 1st sets the tone for the year. Therefore, if I want to be a person who writes a lot, I need to make time to do some writing on January 1st. If I want to cook more, I need to cook something. ("Something" on New Year's day means a pork roast and sauerkraut, based on long-held and family-bred superstitions, again from my mother's family.) If I want to read more, I need read. If I want to be a decent housekeeper, my house has to be clean by then, and I need to do a wee bit of tidying as well.

It's all very simple in theory, and not necessarily difficult in practice, but it does take being really conscious of choices on January 1st. And, I suppose, it means being really conscious of choices on the 2nd, and 3rd, and 4th as well. But come Saturday, my house will be clean and relatively tidy, the pork roast will be cooking, and I'll be spending some time reading, some time playing music (piano or guitar), and some real quality time on Scrivener, working on my YA novel, which is now about 28,000 words in length and just under the half-way mark as far as planned chapters go. (Okay, promise not to laugh? I'm on chapter 10C. Because I planned for 23 chapters, and then my characters did stuff after chapter 10 that I didn't plan for, but that totally makes sense, so I added chapters 10B & now, 10C - I'll fix it all later. It's okay if you couldn't keep that promise not to laugh.)

Over the next few days, this will be me. Only without the cheerfulness, or the long hair/up-do, or the frilly dress, or all the vermin:

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