Friday, December 17, 2010

Five things on a Friday

This particular five things is all about my younger daughter, M, who turns 16 tomorrow.

1. M is on her first build for Habitat for Humanity today. I'm so proud of her for participating in community service, and Habitat is one of the charities that has long been close to my heart.

2. She's doing quite a lot of community service, actually - she's also part of her high school's "Adopt a Grandparent" program, which means that she'll be playing bingo with people at a senior center once a month. (She couldn't go today because she was selected to participate in the Habitat build; otherwise, she'd have been a bingo-playing fool.)

3. She's been doing stuff for the F.O.P. Christmas party as well - largely making decorations, but on Sunday she will go to the hotel where the event is being held to help decorate, and on Monday she's one of the kids who will be helping at the actual party. (Not everyone gets to go - you have to make all the meetings to even qualify.)

4. Plus she's a founding member of her school's Go Green for the Greater Good club (they recycle electronics).

5. M is now 6 feet tall. (No lie.) Strange but true: When she was 5'10-1/2", she was embarrassed about her height and didn't want to grow any taller. She slouched and moped. Now that she's actually 6' tall, she's totally at peace with it. She stands tall. She even wears heels to dressy events. I love that about her. I also love how confident she is that she's going to meet and marry a 6'10" Englishman someday.

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