Friday, November 12, 2010

Retreat report

Yesterday's non-writing progress included travel to Brigantine, the baking of scones, a walk on the beach, the cooking of a (rather excellent, if I may say so) dinner, and the watching of Letters to Juliet, which Angela hadn't yet seen.

While that sounds like enough to constitute a pretty full day, there was also writing progress.

I wrote a new poem, thereby completing my weekly writing exercise (another prompt taken from the marvelous Bonnie Neubauer and her book, The Write-Brain Workbook).

I wrote about 2000 words and finished writing my "chubby outline" for my YA novel. Um, yeah. The goal was to finish it by the end of the retreat, but it got done on day one. This is what happens when your entire day can be devoted to the pursuit of writing and you aren't busy interacting with non-writers, a category which for me includes my husband, children and pets. Not having them about for any long period of time is unthinkable, but I must say that not having them around for a few days is tremendously liberating for one's creativity. Especially when one is on retreat with another writer. It makes for an environment that nurtures creativity in inspiring and wonderful ways.

Off to get out of these pajamas and into real clothes, and then? To work, of course.

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