Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nice surprise

I came across a recent review of the BREAKING WAVES anthology. The review was written by Helen Gallagher at Seattle PI. You may remember that my poem, "Troubled Water", is part of that anthology to benefit Gulf Coast clean-up efforts.

As Gallagher says:

American history for 2010 will record the devastation of the Gulf Coast oil spill. We all in some way were and are touched by the devastation and its lasting effects on the environment. As editor Tiffany Trent says, quoting a friend, “Jesus Christ. We broke the ocean.”

Gallagher says nice things about the anthology, but the part that made me squee was this:

"This large collection ends with a powerful poem: 'Troubled Water,' by Kelly Ramsdell Fineman."


I am so sending the link for that article to my mommy.

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