Friday, November 19, 2010

Just a few minutes to chat

Well, hello!

I thought I'd take just a few minutes to chat. I feel like we haven't all caught up with one another in a while. Possibly you're at NCTE or some fun "Con". Maybe you've been away somewhere but just got back. Maybe you haven't been anywhere in so long that life is just wearing you down. But I figured that before I sign off the interweb and start my evening writing session, maybe just maybe we could catch up a bit.

I'll tell you what I'm up to, and then you can tell me what YOU are doing in the comments. And I hope you'll also talk amongst yourselves. (I'll give you a topic: Tell us what you're up to.)

Writing-wise, I've been a busy girl. I am still really loving my WIP, which is now around 11,000 words - longer than anything I've ever written, and written in a shorter time than most. Weird, but true. I'm only in chapter five of a planned 23, so we'll see how things fare, but still . . .. I've also sent a few things out on submission - poems to journals, for instance. And Jane to agents. And so forth. Plus I'm working on interview questions for the Winter Blog Blast Tour (WBBT), which is gonna ROCK - I'll be interviewing Marilyn Singer, Linda Sue Park, Sarah MacLean and L.K. Madigan, not necessarily in that order. And I've been coordinating stuff with the poetry panel for the CYBILS - the first panel is still tracking down books (a major task, since some of the larger publishers were unable to send review copies to the panelists this year) and reading, but they've started their discussions, which I'm ignoring, to be frank - I just need to know they're happening, not what's being said!. And I've been tracking down a copy of a Steampunk book I've been meaning to read since it came out because the week after the WBBT is going to focus a bit on works of Steampunk/Alternate History. And I'm working on a few single poems (mostly grown-up ones) and still trying to brainstorm ideas for Picture Book Idea Month, and we have Volume III of Sense & Sensibility to go, and so forth. Lots to do, yet it's all good stuff.

Reading-wise, I've been a bit of a slacker. I've been re-reading books by the folks I'll be interviewing for the WBBT, you see, in order to think up my questions. I've also been reading other interviews of them that I can find on the Web, etc. But I do have Linda Sue's newest book, A Long Walk to Water queued up to read - also part of my prep, but at least it's a new title (and one I'm very much looking forward to reading!).

Other-wise, I've been keeping up with laundry well, housekeeping and cooking only passably, and I really need to make lists for both groceries and holiday shopping. I'm hoping that S gets into James Madison University, since she applied early decision and reallyreallyreally wants to go there. I'm looking forward to Tuesday night, when the kids will both be dancing as part of their school's Spirit Week competition. This year's theme was "classic Nikelodeon shows". S is a senior. The seniors chose first and went with Rugrats. Boy did I love that show. I still quote it now and again, actually. M is a sophomore. They chose third, and went with Rocket Power. I'm looking forward to seeing Love and Other Drugs when it comes out, and thinking that I really, truly need to clean the garage out one of these days.

See how quickly that turned into lists of "things to do"? Weird, isn't it? Yet if I don't make the lists, not all that much gets done, or so I've found. I've also figured out, however, that while I take satisfaction in knocking things off the list once they're done, the things that are really, truly most satisfying are the ones that I've actually dedicated my energy to. Going through the motions doesn't lead to the same bone-deep sense of wellbeing and/or satisfaction. Not that I ever get that particular level of satisfaction from doing the laundry, come to that.

So, tell me: What have you been doing? And what has given you the greatest satisfaction lately?

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