Sunday, November 14, 2010

Final retreat report

I am now at home - have been for just under two hours, in fact, during which time I've had to put away my things from traveling, tidy up other people's messes, do other people's laundry, put clean sheets on the bed, and so forth. It quickly reminded me what it is that is so great - and liberating - about a writing retreat outside your own home: you pretty much don't have to worry about other people. At least, not in the same sort of way, where it's actually your job to worry about those other people, and it's actually part of your responsibility to take care of them by cooking, cleaning, and the like. Your only real responsibility is to take care of yourself and to put your writing first, something that is terribly hard to accomplish if you have a significant other and/or children and/or pets that are relying on you to be their companion/parent/caregiver.

Anyhoo . . . that is how I came to accomplish so very much while away. I'd hoped to complete my "chubby outline" for the YA novel I'm working on by today, but to my surprise, it was completed by Thursday night. Also completed on Thursday was my weekly writing exercise, and I got mostly caught up on Picture Book Idea Month.

On Friday, I wrote interview questions for one of the authors I'll be interviewing for the upcoming Winter Blog Blast Tour, finished catching up on PiBoIdMo, finished reading all of Angela's notes on the Jane Project, transferred the two and a half chapters of my WIP that I'd written before I started the "chubby outline" into Scrivener and reworked the first two chapters.

On Saturday, I wrote about 2400 new words for my WIP - some for chapter two, and most of them to complete chapter three. I also spent about an hour and a half tackling some business correspondence that I had put off for far too long.

Today, I wrote another 900 or so words for my WIP - rounding out some stuff I'd skimped on in chapter three and starting chapter four, plus I wrote interview questions for a second WBBT interviewee.

Over the course of the four day retreat, I consumed something like 25-30 cups of tea, at least eight scones, 4-5 biscotti, and a bunch of snacks (including pita chips, Munchos, goldfish crackers, and chocolate), a brownie, some ice cream, and an assortment of excellent meals that Angela and I made. I also took a walk on the beach with Angela all four days, watched a movie all three nights, and re-read Sarah MacLean's Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake, plus I kept up with posting here at my blog.

Crazy, crazy productive. Now, to hope I can bring some of that momentum home with me and keep things rolling along!

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