Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Wally Report

Wally returns to PT tonight for his second treadmill session. Hubby took him last Friday, when he did four five-minute sessions (or five four-minute sessions, I don't recall which), with breaks in between.

I came home late Sunday night (after the drive from hell, but I digress) to find a little doggie who can get himself up into a standing position and take a few steps unaided. That's right, the little guy is starting to be able to walk all on his own. His left hind leg is significantly weaker than the right, which means that it sometimes doesn't go where it ought, and he doesn't always manage to get his feet under himself in the right position, which is why he can't go terribly far on his own yet.

But Wally's improvement continues to be dramatic. Here's hoping it continues!

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