Friday, October 01, 2010

Friday Five

1. My brother Keith retired from the Air Force yesterday. The ceremony was held in the Riverview room of the Citadel, where he's spent the past few years teaching Air Force R.O.T.C., and it was beautiful. He enlisted in the Air Force out of high school, and eventually attended college, after which he was selected for officer training. He's retiring as a Major with quite a number of medals and awards, including combat awards and awards for humanitarian relief (tsunami in Indonesia and Thailand, Katrina in Alabama and Mississippi). I'm very proud of him.

2. Today, my Mom, M and I will do some sightseeing in Charleston, including a visit at the College of Charleston. It promises to be nice weather

3. Our drive to get here was horribly wet, and it's possible that our ride home might be as well, but M and I still managed to get here quickly (all things considered). Wish us luck on our way home.

4. Today being October 1st, the CYBILS nominations are now underway. I hope you'll all check out the nominations and pick your favorite titles in the various categories.

5. I know it's a new month, but you can still buy and download a copy of Breaking Waves, the anthology to benefit the Gulf Coast.

Later today (possibly MUCH later), I'll get to the next chapter of Sense & Sensibility.

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