Monday, September 06, 2010

Welcome Home, Wally!

Our three-year old dog, Wally, is home from his stay at the emergency veterinary clinic, where he was under the expert care of Dr. Speciale, a veterinary neurologist and absolutely the kindest, calmest, most thorough vet I've had the pleasure of meeting (and that is saying something, since I've only ever met one vet I didn't care for).

Wally can't walk yet. Can't stand on his own, really, since his back legs aren't cooperating yet. Can't really hold his urine (and possibly his other business either) yet. (Oh joy!) But he can stand on his own for several seconds together without starting to sink if you put him in a standing position, so this is an improvement from what we saw when we dropped him off on Saturday, when he couldn't stand at all.

We're hopeful that with a bit of time and patience (and practice/exercise) he'll bounce back. I personally am hopeful that he'll regain his bathroom control quickly, since that will make it much easier to have him in the house - he could even lie atop the back cushion of his favorite chair and stare out the window, if he regains continence.

Many thanks to all of you for your kind words of support this weekend. And if you don't mind me asking, could you send additional good vibes for the dog's health and my patience levels? I'm sure the first thing is far more important, but a bit of help with the latter would be much appreciated - possibly by my family even more than me!

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Alyss said...

Poor Wally!! I'm so sorry to hear about that situation. Do they know what is going on? What breed is he? We have a great dog bed with an inner waterproof lining that would probably be great for Wally. You could cover the top with towels or blankets that are easily washed so its relatively simple to clean up after him.

I will be sending out good vibes! Neurological things that start getting better relatively quickly means theres a great chance for recovery!

Kelly Fineman said...

Thanks, Alyss! Wally is a muttly sort of dog - he's probably a spaniel/border collie mix. He injured his spinal cord quite suddenly while running after a squirrel - something he's done literally thousands of times in his 3-1/2 years.

The improvements we've seen this week lead us and the vet to believe that he'll make something like a full recovery, although it will take a while.