Friday, September 24, 2010

The Wally Report

Wally visited the veterinary neurologist and the veterinarian/physical therapist today.

The neurologist told hubby and me that Wally seems to be making good progress. He was pleased to see that Wally is starting to move his hind legs on his own, etc. Rather less celebratory than I've been, but he's also less attached to the dog. Right? Right. And he wants us back in two weeks, which is longer than before.

This afternoon, I took Wally to PT all by myself, wearing his super-spiffy new harness. It has handles on it that allow me to lift him about like a piece of luggage, if need be. It enabled me to help him in and out of my minivan, and in and out of the buildings as well.

Wally seemed happy enough to be there, even if swimming still isn't his favorite thing in the world. While we were waiting for Dr. Russell Howe-Smith to get settled, Wally met a standard poodle who was there to use the in-water treadmill. And after sniffing, they engaged in a nose-to-nose greeting, and WALLY WAGGED HIS TAIL! I was lucky that Russell was there to see it, as well as the owner of the poodle, and everyone agreed that it was a voluntary and deliberate tail wag. How exciting!

Then, while in the pool, the little guy starting kicking quite strongly with his back legs. Of course, he's completely wiped out now, but that's to be expected.

We got back for more PT on Monday. I'll give you another report then, unless, of course, he does something remarkable again between now and then, which now seems completely possible. Not likely, but possible.

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