Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Wally Report

In today's issue, we learn that Wally is managing to move both of his back legs these days, though he can't get into a proper standing position on his own.

Also, on one occasion, he urinated all on his own and didn't need assistance (I usually have to squish his bladder - fun times). This is the first time since The Event. And yeah, if I've now caused you to believe the new TV series is all about my dog's spinal stroke, I'm okay with that. Even though I wouldn't mind Blaire Underwood coming by, the ads for that show look stupid to me. They got so fixated on creating suspense that they didn't bother to actually sell me the series. But I digress.

On three occasions, Wally moved his right hind leg out and lifted it up a bit while urine was being expressed, so I think he's trying to lift his leg, although he didn't bend it, so it looked more like a ballerina moving her foot into second position and lifting it a bit.

Wally McFurryPants (not an actual nickname, though maybe it should be) also managed to get himself into a standing position for the space of one step, but I count it.

Tomorrow: Appointment with the veterinary neurologist in the morning, PetPT in the afternoon.

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