Monday, September 20, 2010

The Wally Report

Here is my very cute little dog, sitting up in the lift that will raise him into the air, then lower him into the pool. The plastic bits at the ends come out, turning the lift into a platform that is his safe place when he's in the pool. He was extremely cooperative for this photo. I can assure you that in real life, his eyes are a lovely shade of brown, and not demon red. He is a very sweet boy, however, and even with the red eyes, I think that still comes through. I love how the black from the black-and-yellow life vest blends with his black fur. (He's a spaniel/border collie sort of mutt, probably with something else thrown in.)

Isn't Wally adorable?

Once the platform goes up, turns, and lowers into the pool, Wally spends a few minutes getting acclimated to the warm water, then gets pulled into the pool. He considered actually going to the vet, Russell Howe-Smith for a few moments, but ultimately had to be pulled in.

Wally is every bit as uncertain as you might think.

He gets pulled out into the pool, then swims back toward the platform. Sometimes he forgets to put his front legs down on the platform and keeps swimming, which is kind of cute. And he gets rests between bouts, during which Russell checks his pulse to make sure he's not getting panicky. Today, he was decidedly moving his back legs on his own - not a lot, but it was consistent. Russell sometimes "enhanced" his motion for him, but still, Wally is making progress for sure.

Eyes on Mommy, as always.

Here's my boy, paddling toward Mommy and the platform. He really wants to get somewhere, and he'd really like it to be out of the pool, but failing that, he's happy to get near me and (to a somewhat lesser extent, which is a surprise) hubby. I suspect that it's because I'm alpha, and hubby is more like a pack-mate, and when the going gets tough, he's looking for the security that an alpha gives him. But it's just a theory.

Here he is on the next-to-last pass. Russell sometimes holds him so he can't make much progress, although he eventually lets Wally head to the security of the platform.

See how intent he is on looking at me? Who'sacutie?

At the end of the session, the ends are put back into place, and Wally is airlifted to the relative safety of the ground, where he shakes a ridiculous amount of water on all and sundry. Here's my wet boy, on his way out of the pool:

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