Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Wally report

It's Sunday afternoon, and I am in our family room, watching the Lord of the Rings marathon on TNT. Even though I own two copies of all three films. Because I stumbled onto it and decided to roll with it, since I'm really here to babysit Wally. (Hubby had dog duty earlier today, when I went out to buy the remaining school supplies need by the kids - our high school doesn't let kids know what they need until they get there - and to pick up groceries and some additional pet care supplies, but he's off for many hours to watch football with the guys.)

Wally seems to be regaining feeling in his back half, and with it he appears to be gaining a modicum of control over his waste functions - although only in the "not quite so leaky" sort of way, and not in the "total control" way that we're hoping will return. Which means he continues to visit the clinic twice a day for catheterization, which is getting to be expensive a drag.

With the returning feeling (and some improvement in muscle strength and a wee bit of motion in his upper legs), he seems not to want to stand today for the extended periods of time he achieved yesterday - his best time was in excess of 6 minutes. I thin he's feeling more sensation from it, although perhaps not full sensation, and he's not certain he likes it. On the other hand, he's started sinking into something much closer to a normal sitting position than we've seen since this happened, so we are not too worried about it just yet.

Many thanks to all of you for your continued expressions of support. It has meant a lot to me this week, and will continue to be a help over what is looking to be a lengthy recovery process.

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