Friday, September 10, 2010

The Wally report

I know, I missed a day. Here. Have two:

Thursday, 9/9

Wally's visit to the vet yesterday went well. He saw the veterinary neurologist, Dr. Speciale, who is still ab-fab, in my opinion. He was much impressed with Wally's impressive ability to stand. Although Wally didn't stand up for him for more than 4 minutes, he was able to keep his balance even when the doctor picked up one of his hind legs (so that he was actually on three legs). He could clearly feel it when the doctor pinched his toes (poor baby) on his back legs, which was new. And he seemed to know something was going on when the doctor pinched his tail hard, although he didn't seem to be able to sort out what it was. We figure it meant he had some sort of sensation, but not enough to isolate it.

Wally also appears to have a functioning sphincter in his bladder (yay!), but it was so locked down he had an overly fully bladder (boo!), which meant he had to be catheterized briefly so they could drain it. No biggie, he didn't feel a thing, and he lost close to 3 pounds in urine. Wally's other waste facility seems to be regaining its sensation and muscle tone, so that is a positive as well.

Worrisome things: Because he was "leaking" dog urine, which is highly acidic, he has a nasty rash. So it's antibiotics and A&D Ointment for him for a time.

An evening trip to the emergency vet found only a half-full bladder (or half-empty, depending on your point of view, I suppose). And no fee for that visit - woot!!


The rash is already looking better (yay!), and a quick trip to check on his bladder issues yielded an impromptu conference with our wonderful neurologist, who believes Mr. Wally is showing further improvement since yesterday. Huzzah! Of course, he had a full-ish bladder (but again, only half of what was there yesterday), so they used the catheter again and whaddya know? Wally could feel that happening. He was not amused, apparently. (Hubby went alone on this trip.) But the fact that he could feel it leads the vet to believe that he might be back to peeing normally (and have control over that function) within days.

Soon we'll be starting treadmill therapy for the dog. God, I hope doggie rehab isn't as expensive as all this veterinary care has been, although I suspect it will be so. *headdesk* (Just when we were almost out from under the medical bills that cancer & MRSA brought to our house last year, we get vet bills out the wazoo. Somewhere, someone has it in for our finances.)

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