Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sense & Sensibility read-along

I tallied up the number of chapters in my copy of Sense & Sensibility last night, and there are 50 of them. Plus I figure I have at least two days of preliminary posts and probably some stuff to say about the book after we're done reading, to say nothing of allowing time to discuss a couple of good screen adaptations. And I figure once we get too close to Christmas, folks will be so tied up with other things that perhaps we ought to wrap up in advance, which is how I decided that I'd like the whole thing done prior to Thanksgiving in the U.S., which is November 25th this year.

I figure I'll actually start the introductory posts on Monday, September 20th, with the goal of tackling Chapter One on Thursday, September 23rd. That will allow us ample time to cover roughly a chapter a day, with the possibility of a day off every now and again so folks can catch up on their reading of the book and/or the posts. (For instance, I foresee the distinct possibility of missing a few days at the very end of September/beginning of October, since I'll be travelling to South Carolina for my brother's retirement from the U.S. Air Force, along with possible college visits for S. I will try not to miss the entire 5 days involved, but we shall see.)

If you are planning on joining the S&S read-along, you have until next Wednesday to get your hands on a copy of the book so you can read Chapter One by next Thursday, September 23rd. If you don't plan to read along, I hope you will continue to stop by, since I will continue to post other content in addition to my S&S posts. And hey, some of the S&S posts may be up your alley anyway.

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