Friday, September 10, 2010

Pregnesia and Carla Cassidy

Believe me when I say that this is not a book review. It is, however, about a book review. Specifically it is about this review of the Harlequin romance, Pregnesia over at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, which is laugh out loud funny. The reviewer, "Nonnie", comes up with a list of "26 Reasons PREGNESIA is the Best Book in the History of Pregnant Amnesiac Romance."

As if the title weren't hilarious enough, Nonnie's list contains additional laugh-out-loud moments, as when she refers to the female MC as "Prego McMemory-Loss". The review is not what I (or perhaps anyone) would call a positive one, yet it ends with an exhortation to all readers to rush out and buy Pregnesia for the lulz. (She gives it a C for "actual story cohesion, plot, etc." but an A+ for entertainment value.) Her proposed alterna-titles for the two prior books in the series were spit-take worthy; thankfully, I had put the tea down before I started reading.

But wait! There's more!

Because there in the comments, not all that far down, is a comment from the author of Pregnesia, Carla Cassidy, who comes up with her own list of "10 Reasons I love this review and other musings by the author of Pregnesia". Numbers 1, 3, 5 & 7 on her list are "Any publicity is better than no publicity." But it's the rest of her comments that prove what a terrifically good sport she is, such as #2, which seizes on comments made in the review about the title as well as the alterna-titles for the other books: "My original title was Pregnesia-The Story of A Pregnant Princess with Amnesia Who Lusts For An Ex-Navy Seal Turned Sheik Cowboy. Unfortunately, it was too long." Her final comment is a business-savvy one, in which she actually pimps her forthcoming titles. Bravo, Ms. Cassidy! Well-played indeed!

My immediate reaction upon reading Ms. Cassidy's comment was to decide that maybe I ought to look for some of her books, because she is the epitomy of grace, wit, charm, and many other things positive. And then, reading the comments after hers, I saw that I was not alone in that reaction - person after person commented on their inclination to buy her books because she was such a good sport about this review. (N.B.: Do not read the comments while imbibing in any beverages either, because many of them are also spit/snort-worthy. Bonuses for kidlit fans include references to The Series of Unfortunate Events and Harry Potter; bonus for TV fans include references to Torchwood and Burn Notice.)

Things I've learned from this SBTB review:

1. Funny reviews are so, so entertaining to read.
2. Sometimes a negative review can sell a helluva lot of copies of a book. And /or
3. Sometimes a review can sell books for a completely different reason than the author intended.
4. I love to laugh. (And now, the Mary Poppins song is blaring on brainradio. Nicely played, Kelly.)
5. Authors who display grace, wit, good humor, etc., when faced with a negative situation earn all the bonus points from readers who are aware of it, and sell even more books.

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