Wednesday, September 08, 2010


There is a monster in my house, and for once I'm not referring to one of the pets or my husband.

I am talking about Bernadette, the entirely charming monster at the heart of Tammi Sauer's latest picture book, Mostly Monsterly, illustrated by the monstrously talented Scott Magoon.

Here's the start of Bernadette's story:

Isn't she a cute little monster?

Bernadette's deep, dark secret involves some pretty non-monstrous things,like flowers and kittens and cupcakes and such. Her friends are horrified, as you might expect. Can Bernadette find a way to indulge her less monsterly side and fit in with her friends? I won't tell, but I will say that this book is a thing of beauty. It's witty and clever and funny and fresh and, just like Bernadette, it secretly has a heart of gold.

Once upon a time, what feels like a long, long time ago, I had the privilege of meeting Bernadette when her story was a little different than it is now. I'm delighted to see what she's become - and how monstrously adorable she is.

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