Sunday, August 22, 2010

Stephenie Meyer biography by Lisa Rondinelli Albert

I really haven't read any new books since I started working on the Shakespeare poems in earnest back on July 29th, but it occurred to me that I did read Stephenie Meyer: Author of the Twilight Saga by my friend Lisa Rondinelli Albert right before that, and I've been remiss in not pimping reviewing it. (I won a copy of Lisa's book, which is part of the "Authors Teens Love" series from Enslow Publishers, in a blog contest - go me!) Disclaimer of sorts: Lisa is not only a LiveJournal friend of mine, but I met her in person at the LA SCBWI conference a few years back. She's lovely. You should check out her blog, and find out all about her debut novel coming out next year. But I digress.

My hat is off to Lisa for telling Meyer's life story in an interesting manner, and with slanting the biography to the target market (teens) with a significant emphasis on Meyer's Twilight series. The trickiest thing about this particular biography is that it is unauthorized, so quotes had to come from other sources - either from other publications or people. It's a concise, well-organized biography complete with photos of Meyer (including her pre-prom photo from high school - nice score, Lisa!) and photos from the first Twilight movie and its promotions, plus a photo of Cyclops (James Marsden) from the X-Men movies. (What? Cyclops and the other X-Men were part of the underlying inspiration for vampire super-powers - see what you can learn reading this book?)

The index is fun to read if only for the juxtaposition of things. There are character names from the Twilight series (e.g., "Black, Billy" and "Cullen, Edward") as well as names of Meyer's agent and editor (respectively, "Reamer, Jodi" and "Tingley, Megan"). There are organizations (e.g., "Quileute Tribe" and "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons)") near other categories (e.g, "vampires", "werewolves", and even "vampire-werewolf relations"). Not only useful, but also entertaining, is how I'd characterize this particular index.

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