Friday, August 13, 2010

Garden Gnomes - an original Fibonacci poem

A few months back, Angela De Groot () had us write Fibonacci poems (often called Fibs) for our weekly assignment.

Here's one that I wrote, based on my own sudden realization. Turns out that while I was writing those early middle grade novels about garden gnomes, gnomes were busy moving in:

Garden Gnomes
by Kelly Ramsdell Fineman

On shelves,
In corners,
All around my house:
It seems I have a collection.

Form: It's a Fib, a form artfully defined and mastered by Gregory K (he of the blog that got him signed by Arthur A Levine to a book deal). It's based on the Fibonacci series of numbers:

1,1,2,3,5,8 (okay, so the first number is technically zero, then one, then you add the last two numbers together (to get one), then repeat (1+1=2), (2+1=3), (3+2=5), etc.) I tend to end the form with an 8-syllable line.

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Nitika said...

This is warm and whimsical and so very lovely, Kelly.

The idea of a Fibonacci poem is new to me, and its interesting, too say the least.


Kelly Fineman said...

It's a fun form to write in. Gregory K at Gotta Book has written quite a lot of them, and has good tips on writing them on his blog.