Sunday, August 01, 2010

Converting all your sounds of woe into hey nonny nonny

What an interesting writing day today yesterday proved to be.

As I said in the prior post, I woke up knowing what I wanted to write, by which I mean that I knew what it was about, not necessarily what I specifically wanted to say. Should have been easy, yes?

Not so much. I wrote 1/2 of a poem, then scrapped it. I wrote 2/3 of another. Ditto. (On the plus side, the lather-rinse-repeatness of the process reminded me to dye my hair, so at least that got done midway through the day. But I digress.) I read my own blog posts on Much Ado About Nothiong. I listened to Mumford & Sons song, "Sigh No More", which cobbles together bits from here and there within the play to form coherent lyrics. I listened to Patrick Doyle's setting of "Sign No More", just because I like it so much. I read scenes. I watched the BBC's ShakespeaRetold version of Much Ado About Nothing starring Damian Lewis and Sarah Parish (God, I love that version! And not just because of all the Tom Jones songs. Here - see a wee bit of why. In this version, Benedick and Beatrice are news anchors with a history, and he's a bit of a ladies man. They have both been led to believe that the other person is in love with them just before this bit.)

But again, I digress. None of that really helped. Neither did watching Zac Efron in 17 Again, but boy is he cute or what? (I know, another digression.)

Anyhow, after flailing around like a muppet for a while, it occurred to me to give more thought to the particular form of the poem first, and then start. So I did some thinking on how to characterize the sort of poem I wanted to write, and some research on what sorts of forms are generally used for them (come on - you're not actually surprised by that, are you? You all have to know what a geek I am by now!),and hey presto! A sort of success! Half a poem written, and I want to keep it. The rest will wait for tomorrow morning's writing session.

*capers off to bed, thinking fondly of my lovely new project, singing hey nonny nonny*

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