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CLOCKWORK ANGEL by Cassandra Clare

As long-time readers already know, M is my younger daughter, who is now 15-1/2 and about to be a high school sophomore. Here's M's review of Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare, based on ARC I brought home from ALA.

I don't know how long I've been a Cassandra Clare fan, but I've read ll her books more than 5 times (and they never get old), so imagine my surprise when I opened my bad of ARCs my mother graciously scored for me at ALA, and sitting (strategically place - at least that's my theory) on the bottom is an ARC of Cassandra Clare's new novel, Clockwork Angel. I'm not sure how many minutes of high-pitched squealing and "Oh my God-ing" my mother had to listen to over that one book. [KRF: It was at least a full minute, and it was loud and long.]

I have a bad habit of not going to sleep until the early morning anyway, so there I was, sitting in my bed at 2:00 a.m., reading Clockwork Angel and dying because it was JUST SO GOOD. Like usual, Cassandra Clare fills Clockwork Angel with excitement, witty benter, an awesome heroine, crazy plot twists, and hot boys.

Set in 1817 London, Clockwork Angel follows our heroine Tessa (who is no just kickass but . . . LOVES to read - bonus!) as she pairs up with the Nephilim (shadowhunters). Cue the hot boys! In come Will and James who - much like Alec & Jace [from the Mortal Instruments books] - provide us with light-hearted best-friend banter, but who will gladly kick your ass if you look at them funny. Or at least one of them will.

Their adventures together (and their touching backstories) keep you reading and thinking: what the heck is going to happen now?

I never once let this book leave my side as I was reading. It's the kind of book you sneak out of the house with if you have somewhere to go. It's not only the beautiful people and excitement that keep you going - it's Cassandra Clare's beautiful writing. The way she throws you for a loop after you turn a corner, or makes you think. Also, there are little references that catch a fan's eye, like our favorite characters' [from the Mortal Instruments books] great relatives, or mention of the Pandemonium Club. Of course, this book speaks for itself, and you don't need to read the Mortal Instruments series first, but it gives you a little insight if you have.

I was sad when it ended, and can recall telling my mom "I wish I didn't read it yet. Now I have to wait!"

And so the countdown starts for the sequel. I don't think I can wait, actually . . .
Those of you familiar with M's reviews or opinions will not be surprised to hear that she has re-read this book already. And that she is chomping at the bit for the next Mortal Instruments book (despite having said "Wait - there's a fourth book in the trilogy?", then laughing about it).

I'll see if I can con her into writing a few more reviews before school starts. I can tell you for sure that she loved WHITE CAT by Holly Black and RAISED BY WOLVES by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, as well as completely loving the ARC of REVOLUTION by Jennifer Donnelly.

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