Thursday, March 18, 2010


During Tuesday's writing session, I completed my 150th poem for the Jane project. What a satisfying round number that is.

Today, much of my time will be spent in assessing the project: what has been written and what I know for certain needs to be written, where gaps exist, what additional events or topics I'd like to add in.

After more than three years of work on my biography of Austen in verse, I am finally nearing the end. Based on the shape of the project now and the limited gaps I'm aware of before I start today's work, I am entirely confident that I'll be able to meet my self-imposed August deadline.

And with two grant applications sent in, I'm hopeful that a research grant will come through to allow me to head to England for supplemental research, although I'm pretty certain my best course of action is to try to forget all about them. They have better odds than the lottery, but even still, there's still competition for grants.

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