Monday, January 11, 2010

A short list

1. Today being the second Tuesday of the month, it's my day to post over at Guys Lit Wire, where you can read a brief review of THE YOUNG INFERNO by John Agard, illustrated by Satoshi Kitamura, which was one of this year's CYBILS Awards nominees in the poetry category.

2. A quick word about A Winter's Persuasion: Tomorrow is a day off from our chapter-by-chapter progression through the book, which ought to allow people a chance to catch up a wee bit if they are inclined to do so. Expect a Shakespeare-related post, it being a Wednesday and all. (I've been trying to do Bard-related posts on Wednesday ever since I wrapped up last year's Brush Up Your Shakespeare Month extravaganza.

3. Speaking of Brush Up Your Shakespeare Month, I've started planning for this year's event, which will again be in June. If anyone has a particular title they'd really truly love to talk about, I hope you'll drop me a comment on it.

4. Speaking of planning events, I'll also be reprising my Building a Poetry Collection posts in April in honor of National Poetry Month.

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