Friday, January 29, 2010

Day Moon - an original poem

Today, a short, original poem written in rhymed couplets for a collection of poems about the moon that I once wrote. The collection remains unpublished, and I have to say that it's little wonder, since I cannot assert with a straight face that it breaks new poetic ground. As Karla Kuskin once said in a poem, "Write about a radish./Too many people write about the moon." (Of course, she proceeds to call the moon a radish, as you'll see if you follow the link.)

As I was driving home with S yesterday after picking her up at the gym, I was admiring the play of the setting sunlight on the tips of treetops and the way storm clouds were off to the north of us, when a bright edge seemed to cut its way out from behind the clouds, and lo, the nearly-full moon was there. And it reminded me of this little poem I'd written, and which I published here once before back in 2007:

Day Moon
by Kelly R. Fineman

On a walk the other day,
I didn’t know quite what to say.
Although it was still afternoon,
In the sky, I saw the moon.

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