Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Devise, wit; write, pen

Today I return to these lines from the comical character Don Armado in Love's Labour's Lost: "Devise, wit; write, pen; for I am for whole volumes in folio." I am, of course, quoting them out of context, as one inevitably does when quoting Shakespeare. (Just think of Catherine Morland - from Austen's Northanger Abbey, quoting from Twelfth Night as if it were a good thing for a young woman to sit "like Patience on a monument", for instance.)

Don Armado is, as I said in a post in September, an ass; that does not make his words completely misguided, any more than it lessens the words of Polonius (from Hamlet), many of which are widely quoted (including "Brevity is the soul of wit" and "This above all things: to thine own self be true"). He may be a tedious old man who is misguided, long-winded and has a propensity to speak in platitudes, but Polonius is one highly-quotable (and highly quoted) guy.

Back to my reason for returning to the words of Don Armado:

I am going away for a few days on a writing retreat with my frequent writing partner and good friend, . She will be working on a new short story, assuming that she's finished this pass of revisions on her fantasy novel. And I? I shall be turning back to Jane, I believe. I haven't done any work on the Jane project in the past six weeks (first the gnomes interrupted, and then life became completely topsy-turvy).

From tomorrow morning until Sunday afternoon, I'll be in Brigantine, which is just north of Atlantic City along the Jersey shore. Just in time for what used to be Hurricane and/or Tropical Storm Ida but is now a Nor'Easter to move on in for days. So much for long walks on the beach, but it ought to mean more cozying up for writing (and reading, and a nightly movie).

Theoretically, we'll have WiFi down there and, if so, I shall post a bit. Meanwhile, I have from now until 8 a.m. tomorrow to finish laundry and packing and whatnot.

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