Friday, May 15, 2009

A Word From the Troll by Kelly Fineman

Today, an original poem. Some of you may have seen it back on April 5th when it appeared over at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast along with the work of some other poets and artists. But I got to thinking about my little troll poem yesterday afternoon, and decided I'd post it here for Poetry Friday.

A Word from the Troll
by Kelly R. Fineman

Trip-trapping hooves
clatter above;
My head throbs – it’s ready to burst.

The first goat was bad.
The second? Just awful.
The third billy goat was the worst.

I climbed on the bridge
to ask them to stop
all their racing and running around.

The biggest goat butted me
hard, with his head,
And I landed here on the ground.

For those interested in the form, it's written in a form of accentual verse. I rearranged the stanzas here (yet again) to make it a bit clearer. The first two lines in each stanza have two stressed syllables per line; the third line has a total of three stressed syllables.

So: TRIP-trapping HOOVES
my HEAD throbs - it's READy to BURST.

the FIRST goat was BAD.
the SECond? just AWful.
the THIRD billy GOAT was the WORST.

And there's a rhyme scheme at play here too: the last words of the first and second stanza rhyme, as do the last words of the third and fourth.

And there you have it: a retelling, in metred rhyme, of the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff, from the point of view of the troll.

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