Wednesday, April 01, 2009

National Poetry Month

Here in the U.S., April has been designated as National Poetry Month. As in past years, I'll be observing the occasion here at Writing & Ruminating.

This year, I'm doing something a leetle bit different than what I've done in the past. I'm going to put up poetry posts, of course, but rather than a hodgepodge of poetry-related posts, I'm going to create a short collection of some of my favorite poems. I'm going to post at least one poem a day - all out of copyright, so expect stuff from dead poets - and I'm going to TRY to make some connection from one day to the next, sort of the same way that does her Movie Marathon selections, which is to say that I may start anywhere, but the next poem will have some sort of connection to the first (be it same poet, same sort of theme, related imagery, same form).

It will be a fun challenge, I think.

Look for that first poem later today. Right now, I'm off for a birthday breakfast with friends.

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