Friday, March 06, 2009

Waddle Kitty - an original poem for Poetry Friday

This one goes out to Mojo, the rather pear-shaped black cat currently sleeping across my ankles:

Waddle Kitty
by Kelly R. Fineman

I have a waddle kitty;
She’s as black as she is fat.
She could not be mistaken
For an undernourished cat.

She prowls about quite slowly
A parade of one – a float.
For “Judge’s Pick: Stout Kitty”
She would take home every vote.

It’s rare that she moves quickly
Since she mostly scoffs at speed
But she galumphs quite loudly
As she heads downstairs to feed.

You’d think she had a posse
Or was part of a large bunch,
Instead she’s a lone pussy
heading to her bowl to munch.

Whether waddling through the halls
Or thundering all around,
My fat, black Waddle Kitty
Makes a symphony of sound.

I wouldn’t want to change her,
wouldn’t want her to lose weight:
I love my Waddle Kitty:
Corpulent, perhaps, but great.

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